The effect of Picamilon, GABA, and Sodium Oxybutyrate on Physical Capacity and Processes of Rehabilitation

[Article in Russian]

Medical Institute, Pavshikh bortzov Sq., 
1, Volgolgrad, 400066, USSR


The effects of GABA, sodium oxybutyrate and picamilon on the duration of swimming of mice with weight 5% from body mass (water temperature 30-32 C) were studies. The drugs were administered per os in different doses (1/10; 1/30; 1/100; 1/300 DL50).  GABA, sodium oxybutyrate and picamilon have been found to increase the duration of swimming of mice, to promote the growth of progressive (1/300 DL50) adaptation, to decrease the exhaustion desadaptation and to rehabilitate the physical efficiency.

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