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The beginning of the 1970s and subsequent years is characterized by the appearance of a new class of medicinal preparations, called nootropics, which are finding increasingly wider applications in various areas of medicine.  Nootropic preparations are applied successfully for breakdowns of memory, attention, learning, and for treatment of loss of brain blood circulation, brain trauma, chronic alcoholism and other disorders.  Among the medicinal properties of this group a notable place is occupied by the domestic preparation Picamilon, synthesized in 1969 by the All-Union Scientific Research Institute and studied in the NII pharmacological RAN.  By chemical structure Picamilon is a derivative of the gamma-amino-butyric acid (GABA) and nicotinic acid.  Picamilon was introduced in medical practice in 1986, and to the present time has achieved sufficiently large experience in its application.

The great interest of clinicians in Picamilon may be attributed to the unique combination of its pharmacological properties.  It possesses high cerebrovascular activity, which exceeds the effect of cinnarizine, papaverine, xanthinol niacinate, and piracetam.  One of the most important components in the spectrum of psychotropic activity is its nootropic effect, which determines its clinical use to a significant degree.  Picamilon has a unique tranquilizing effect (the manifestation of action is inferior to diazepam); in this case Picamilon does not cause a myorelaxation effect.  The important property of Picamilon is the ability to quickly restore mental and physical fitness for work, which was lost through overstress.  Clinical experience with application of Picamilon shows that it is effective for ischemic disturbances of cerebral blood circulation, discirculatory encephalopathy, vegetative dystonia, and for prevention and treatment of the simple form of migraine.  Picamilon has proven an effective medicinal treatment for patients with disorders of a neurotic level, with accompanying manifestations of anxiety, fear, emotional and vegetative instability. Picamilon finds a use in the complex treatment of alcoholism and acute alcoholic intoxication.  At this time the list of indications for prescription of Picamilon is constantly growing.  Clinical studies have shown that Picamilon possesses favorable properties in opthalmological practice in the treatment of primary open glaucoma, diseases of the retina and the optic nerve of vascular genesis.  It has been adapted also in urological practice for treatment of neurological disorders of urination in children and adults.  It is important to note that Picamilon does not cause habituation, but its safety is proven for 10 years in wide and intensive clinical application.  Picamilon is prescribed both in mono-preparation and in combination with other medicinal agents.

The fact of the varied spectrum of therapeutic action, noted by many clinicians, testifies to the possibility of a wider application of Picamilon in the capacity of a medicinal and preventative agent. 

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